We are offering two types of voltage regulators: a fixed unit similar to the factory unit and an adjustable unit. Both are fully compatible with the factory part and do not require any mechanical or electrical modifications.

The fixed unit has a factory set point of 14.3 volts, which is often described as a high output regulator, the factory one having a lower regulated voltage. This is recommended for normal use.

For those who feel that their riding habits warrant an adjustable unit we offer one of these also. Again, this unit is 100% compatible with the factory unit, but has the capability of having its cutoff voltage adjusted. If you are not knowlegable in how to do this, do not order this unit as a misadjusted unit can cause damage to the battery and other electrical components on the bike.

Click this link to read the installation instructions for the adjustable regulator or click here for a pdf version.

Each unit comes with a year's warranty. For price and ordering information click here.

If you have questions regarding this or any other product or service please contact us.